Mmm, ice cream! A delicious frozen treat that is adored by adults and children alike. You can find ice cream everywhere, from the ice cream trucks with friendly jingles who frequent the parks and streets of your neighborhood, to grocery stores, and even creameries.

In this article, we will discuss Cows Creamery, which is a chain of ice cream parlors found in Prince Edward Island, a province of Canada.

Cows ice cream parlors first made an appearance in Cavendish, PEI in the year 1983. Cavendish is a tourist destination that boasts tens of thousands of visitors in their peak months of tourism each year, which happen to be July and August. When you have that many people coming in from all over the world, it makes perfect sense to have delicious ice cream available to those looking to cool off in the summer months!

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In 2006, Cows Creamery expanded into making cheese. Their principle cheese product that they manufacture and sell is Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar. In a Reader's Digest opinion poll, Cows Creamery was voted "Canada's Best Ice Cream" and in the year 2008, Taulk World Discovery listed them as number one in the world's top ten places for ice cream. There are ten Cows Creamery stores, six of which are located in Prince Edward Island.

Cows Creamery produces cheese and butter that free of gluten, and the only milk they will use within their products is Prince Edward Island milk. A tour of Cows Creamery can be had as well, for those who are interested. Tours are self-guided, and available daily from 10 in the morning to 8 at night.
Cows Menu

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So what delicious products can you expect to enjoy from Cows Creamery? Not only do they sell ice cream and cheese, but you can find butter on their list of items for sale as well.

Cows ice cream comes in 32 flavors. Flavors include Espresso, Oreo Cookie, Birthday Cake, Butter Pecan, Pralines & Cream, Mint, Wowie Cowie, and more! And as mentioned before, all milk used in their dairy products comes from dairy cows that live on Prince Edward Island. So everything you taste from Cows Creamery is authentically Canadian.

Butter is offered in two varieties, Sea Salted Butter and Unsalted Butter. In traditional churns, Sea Salted Butter from Cows Creamery is churned longer and slower than other butters, and each portion contains 84 percent butter fat rather than just 80 percent. This butter ends up having a silkier texture than other butters, and a creamier taste. The Unsalted Butter variety is made in the same fashion, but the sea salt is not added.

What about Cows Creamery cheese options? There is their signature cheese, the Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar, which is aged for 12 months and has a firm texture and tangy bite of flavor. They also sell Appletree Smoked Cheddar cheese, which is naturally smoked for eight hours. This cheese ends up having a delicious smoky flavor that you can eat on your own, or use in cooking. The last cheese offered by Cows Creamery is Extra Old Cheddar. This cheese is aged for at least 24 months, and has, like the other cheeses, been the recipient of many awards. All three cheeses are made with vegetable rennet, and unpasteurized milk.

So do you have a sweet tooth? Are you craving Cows ice cream, cheese, or yummy butter? If you live in Canada, or will find yourself visiting this country in the near future, give Cows Creamery a visit and try their delicious products! You won't regret it. This is ice cream you will want to try again and again.